Mine Site Closure Planning, Rehabilitation & Monitoring

Protecting the environment, delivering good commercial outcomes and ensuring long-term sustainable land us for post-mined land is fundamental to today’s adaptive and profitable mining operations.

Greencap assists clients in planning, undertaking and monitoring the success of mine closure and rehabilitation projects to meet legislative requirements, environmental stewardship obligations, and project milestones by providing both innovative and cost-effective solutions.

Greencap has extensive experience in assisting mining companies, with a team of nationally and internationally experienced professionals ready to assist you with all phases of your mining project, from feasibility planning to rehabilitation to post-closure monitoring.


Greencap's mine closure, planning, rehabilitation and monitoring services include:


  • Access to a national team of experts
  • Real-time monitoring and analysis of vegetation and environmental factors, supported by  expert advice to enable informed decision making
  • Real-time monitoring on the rate of progress on rehabilitation projects, providing potential cost savings
  • Accurate data capturing and management, including reporting against regulatory obligations
  • Quantification of vegetation cover changes
  • Interactive display of information comprehensible to a wide audience
  • Integrated consulting services and remote sensing technology, providing a seamless experience through a single source of truth and one-stop-shop approach
  • Assists in managing your regulatory obligations and maintaining yoursocial licence to operate
  • Enables cost savings through improved resource planning capabilities and efficient  monitoring and reporting



Greencap also offer a uniquely integrated approach to both mine closure and rehabilitation planning and monitoring, by combining a range of expert consulting services with cutting edge remote sensing technology through the​​​​​ DecipherGreen platform.


DecipherGreen Mine Site Closure Planning, Rehabilitation and Monitoring

DecipherGreen empowers you with data and knowledge to drive progressive mine rehabilitation


Greencap’s extensive experience delivering proactive, tailor-made risk management solutions that protect people, property and the environment has been carried through into the DecipherGreen platform.

This pioneering cloud-based platform delivers data and insights to provide assurance and compliance which, combined with Greencap's expertise and advice, will have your organisation leading the way in progressive rehabilitation and land relinquishment.

This unique partnership provides an unmatched level of assurance that the data is robust and can meet appropriate regulatory requirements and standards to provide the greatest value.

DecipherGreen Greencap Mine Rehabilitation Process Digital Platform



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