Cm3 – Online Contractor Prequalification

Cm3 is an online contractor WHS prequalification system which assists companies in meeting their legislative duty of care around the selection and use of contractors. It allows them to demonstrate that their contractors are carefully selected based on WHS capabilities and practices which comply with current WHS legislation.


The Greencap Cm3 contractor WHS prequalification system is tailor-made to suit each client’s contractor management needs. It offers:

  • Ongoing verification of contractor’s insurance certificates

  • An online WHS assessment completed by contractors and reviewed by our highly qualified safety specialists

  • Dashboard reporting and regular contractor exception reporting via email

  • Specialised features and functions that assist with a variety of contractor management requirements


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Clients can choose from a number of optional contractor management solutions including:

  • CARs (Corrective Action Request) system

  • Contractor communications

  • Creation and tracking of contractor surveys

  • A link that allows contractors to lodge regular invoice declarations via their Cm3 account

  • Requesting contractors submit documents  through Cm3 for their review

  • Upload and review of contractor licences


Cm3 Clients have access to a large pool of prequalified contractors across the country with the ability to search by location, business type and prequalification status.


Greencap's experienced client implementation team are there to guide clients through the creation of unique Cm3 client sites and provide training for staff in order to enable them to get the most out of their new contractor management system. Greencap's friendly and efficient online support team provides ongoing email and telephone support for both clients and contractors.


Benefits to the Contractors include:

  • Feedback from qualified WHS specialists on their WHS capabilities and documentation

  • Online management of insurances, trade licenses and other relevant documents

  • Exposure to organisations throughout Australia who may require their services

  • Cost effective solution for demonstrating and promoting their WHS capabilities

  • Cm3 Customer service support



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