Post-Remediation Verification

Greencap’s expert occupational hygiene team are equipped to provide clearance and verification after the remediation of mould within an occupancy. This is an important phase in ensuring that a building is safe to return to for workers, occupants and visitors.


Independent Post-Remediation Verification (PRV) Assessment

Scope of Work:

  • IEP to arrange site inspection with insured/property owner/occupant and remediation contractor
  • IEP conducts:
    • a visual assessment of remedial works undertaken with the remediation contractor
    • moisture level assessment of accessible building structure/components and internal air quality within the remediation area
    • collection and analysis of verification surface and airborne mould samples
  • Preparation of report summarising findings and success of remediation works (or recommendation regarding additional remedial works if required)

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Phoebe Gane

National Practice Lead - Health & Safety

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Manager – Environmental Management & Contaminated Land

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Manager - Occupational Hygiene & IEQ

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