Abatement Project Management

Asbestos abatement projects must be performed in strict compliance with environmental and Work Health and Safety (WHS) legislative requirements. Greencap has considerable experience in the preparation of specifications for asbestos (and other hazardous materials) abatement projects, and the management of these abatement/remediation programs.



Greencap is able to provide an end-to-end service offering in relation to asbestos abatement and project management. We can basically do everything other than undertake the actual asbestos removal (or engage the licensed removal contractor due to the need for independence). Typical service offering in this space includes:

  • Provide documentation on asbestos abatement procedures, work practices and personal protective equipment requirements
  • Review and prepare Asbestos Removal Control plans
  • Review and prepare Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS)
  • Assess contractor’s submission and assist in the selection of asbestos removal contractors
  • Co-ordination of all personnel: contractors, sub-contractors and client staff
  • On site inductions and training programs for site specific hazards and control measures
  • Ensure project specifications and abatement procedures are followed during project works 
  • Containment (bubble) inspections and smoke testing to ensure containment and controls are effective prior to asbestos removal works commencing
  • Licensed Asbestos Assessor activities including clearance air monitoring in the asbestos work areas to determine levels of airborne asbestos fibres, and hence suitability for resuming routine work activities in that area
  • Set up NATA accredited laboratories on site
  • Expert witness advice on all asbestos abatement activities



  • Compliance with legislative requirements
  • Cost effective removal of asbestos materials whilst maintaining high standards of risk management against potential asbestos exposure
  • Costing models for planning maintenance and removal projects
  • Expert and independent oversight of abatement projects


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