Full-Function Fire Tests / System Interface Tests

The facilitation and supervision of Fire System Interface Testing (SIT) is an integral component of the current fire services maintenance standard AS 1851-2012 and of Greencap’s Annual Fire Safety Certification service but is also offered as a standalone exercise to assist property owners, managers and occupiers in ensuring all active fire protection systems that interface through a building’s Fire Indicator panel operate according to design and specification.


Greencap can coordinate and facilitate annual System Interface Testing, which would typically involve the following:

  • Review system design and specification documentation, including complex fire engineering performance solutions and Cause and Effect matrices
  • Facilitate pre-test meetings with all contractors and develop a test program to ensure testing is conducted in the most efficient and least-disruptive manner possible
  • Coordinate the attendance of relevant contractors associated with each interfaced fire safety system
  • Supervise and direct contractor activities during testing and independently witness system functionality
  • Prepare a report which prioritises defects according to greatest impact on life safety and property protection

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