Warden & Chief Warden Training

Warden Training

Wardens, or Emergency Officers, play an integral role in the emergency procedures of a business or building. With appropriate training, these individuals are able to assume control of an area and direct occupants and staff to safety.

TrimEVAC provides Warden Training that is specifically designed for those who are required to respond to any type of emergency in the workplace, including fires, bomb threats, chemical incidents, and aggression. These key people are responsible for directing and controlling an emergency response in their designated areas and, ultimately, getting people to safety.

To create a fully trained and competent Emergency Control Organisation (ECO), Warden Training is frequently performed in conjunction with modules:

It is recommended that ECO members take part in these skill sessions at least every 6 months.


Chief Warden Training

Understanding the Chief Warden role is a critical part of the emergency response process.

TrimEVAC provides training for Chief Wardens that covers:

  • The importance of incident record keeping
  • Effective communication with the Emergency Services
  • The practical use of the Emergency Warden Intercommunication (if installed) along with evacuation procedures and announcements.

TrimEVAC will also train Chief Wardens on the evacuation procedures for buildings with different alarm systems, and also those that do not have any form of installed alarm system. 

This training will provide chief wardens with the skill set required to assess the risk and manage different types of emergencies in the workplace, ensuring a safe and prompt evacuation of all occupants in your building when required.

TrimEVAC’s training meets the requirements of all the Australian and New Zealand Work Health and Safety legislation, regulations, relevant codes of practice and standards.


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