Muddy Boots Asbestos Training

The management of asbestos materials and products in workplaces is widely legislated across Australia and New Zealand. Achieving the standards of work health and safety of employees, contractors and the general public is the basis of managing your asbestos obligations as a duty holder.

Greencap develop training programs through an analysis of your needs and applying the skills and knowledge of our expertise and professional staff to give your organisation significant benefits including:

  • Practical and informative programs
  • Access to practitioners currently working with clients
  • Interactive and activity-based learning
  • Industry relevance
  • An understanding your environmental legislative obligations
  • Incorporation of adult learning principles
  • An enjoyable training experience

The above courses can be delivered at any of our training facilities or at your workplace.


Asbestos Training Courses

Muddy Boots Asbestos Training provides industry-leading asbestos training to equip workers with the required skills in asbestos management.


Greencap offers courses in:

  • Asbestos awareness
  • Asbestos management responsibilities
  • Asbestos management plans
  • Asbestos handling (designed for people working with less than 10m2 of asbestos)
  • Silica awareness 
  • Mould awareness
  • Hazardous materials (PCB, CFC, SMF, ODS, lead paints and biological typically found on demolition/refurbishment sites)

* Non-Accredited.

Online Asbestos Awareness Training

Greencap's online asbestos course is designed for anyone who is at risk of encountering asbestos or may need to work with small amounts of asbestos. Available for Australian and New Zealand workers.

Australian Course

New Zealand Course


Asbestos Awareness Training

Equips you with the knowledge and awareness of the hazards and health effects of asbestos.

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New Zealand Asbestos Courses

Online Asbestos Awareness Training

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29766 Remove Friable Asbestos (Class A)

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29765 Remove Non-Friable Asbestos (Class B)

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29767 Supervise Asbestos Removal

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29768 Conduct Asbestos Assessment Associated With Removal

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"Greencap has been providing ATL Group with technical training for our Class A and Class B Removal Operators and Supervisors. Malcolm and the team have been pleasant to work with. The course facilitators are knowledgeable and passionate about the industry and this shows through in their course delivery. 

The course facilitators have a good level of working knowledge of the industry and are able to relate their own experiences well to the course attendees.These courses provide a good platform for development of staff capability as well as business compliance with statutory requirements."


Brett Pietersen
Chief Executive Officer, ATL Group

Greencap Client ATL Group



"Excellent in both content and delivery... very professional at all times and all our team very much enjoyed the course"
Gordon Macfarlane – Scope Group


"Everything was explained thoroughly and in detail with a wealth of experience and knowledge"
Matthew Calder – Opus International


"Very good participation from all and an engaging presenter"
Simon Ness – Thomas Consultants


"A wealth of knowledge and plenty of experience which meant a lot of examples. It was great getting to speak to other asbestos assessors and removalists"
Brett Abraham – Thomas Consultants



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Practice Manager - Muddy Boots Asbestos Training