TrimEVAC Emergency Management Training

TrimEVAC delivers a complete range of emergency response training programs. The programs are practical and engaging, fostering new learning and assessment strategies. Emergency situations are regularly reviewed to ensure new threats are identified and appropriate countermeasures established. Tailored training packages incorporate a mix of video, interactive workshops, competency assessment and e-learning to provide a motivating learning environment.

Training can be conducted onsite for your convenience or at one of our dedicated training venues equipped with classrooms and purpose-built facilities.


Training Programs


Emergency Planning Committee Training

An integral part of an effective emergency management program is to have a pro-active Emergency Planning Committee (EPC) that oversees the emergency management at the site. TrimEVAC conduct training for the EPC to ensure members have the competency and confidence in fulfilling the roles of the committee. We can also attend EPC meetings to provide specialist input and support on emergency planning initiatives.


Chief Warden Training

The cornerstone of a successful evacuation of a building is the Chief Warden whose critical role is to co-ordinate and manage the flow of people during an evacuation. TrimEVAC conduct specific training for Chief Wardens to enable effective co-ordination of the emergency response. The training includes specific instruction in the use of the Emergency Systems installed at the site.

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Warden Training

The Emergency Control Organisation (ECO) comprise the Warden team that activates and co-ordinates the building emergency response procedures in relation to threat situations. TrimEVAC conducts scheduled training sessions for the ECO to provide the Wardens with the tools and knowledge to competently perform their tasks, recognising the ‘volunteer’ nature of being a Warden and that their time is valuable.

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EWIS/EWS Training

The Emergency Warnings Systems (EWS) and Intercommunication Systems (EWIS) are a vital component when an evacuation is required. The Chief Warden team must have a thorough understanding of the use and practical applications of these systems. TrimEVAC provide hands on instruction in the use of the EWS and EWIS panels to the Chief Warden team to effectively manage & coordinate emergency response.


Scenario Exercises

Scenario exercises are conducted in relation to a range of potential threat situations to practice & validate emergency management plans and processes. They reinforce knowledge gained by the ECO and enable the ECO members to gain confidence in their roles. During these exercises hypothetical scenarios are created and participants role play through the emergency situation to a satisfactory outcome. These exercises can be either a desktop process or a more complex scenario involving interaction with other stakeholders.


Evacuation Exercises

In accordance with Australian Standard AS 3745 facilities must conduct at least one annual evacuation exercise that involves all occupants of the building. TrimEVAC coordinate the planning and execution of evacuation exercises to evaluate the effectiveness of the emergency response program. This involves monitoring each evacuation exercise and observation of the efficiency of the ECO. At the completion of the exercise a debrief session is conducted with the ECO to provide feedback and identify improvement actions.

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Online Training 

TrimEVAC’s self-paced Online Training modules are designed to provide a basic understanding of Emergency Response Procedures, systems and responsibilities. The modules are designed to supplement TrimEVAC’s ECO (Warden) and General Occupant training and are ideal for inducting new employees.

  • Warden Training 

Provides wardens appointed outside the normal Warden (ECO) Training schedule with an introduction to the role and responsibilities of being a warden or a refresher for those unable to attend regular Warden Training (e.g., on leave).

  • Occupant Training 

Ideal to introduce new or refresh existing occupants knowledge of your facility’s Emergency Response Procedures and systems.

Each participant receives a certificate of completion and reporting can be provided for attendance recording. TrimEVAC’s Online modules can be hosted by TrimEVAC or loaded into your existing learning management system.

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