Greencap's operations are proudly underpinned by 8 pillars of sustainability




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At Greencap, sustainability matters.

It is intrinsic to our purpose "making our world safer".

We seek to:

  • Partner with clients to achieve sustainable solutions
  • Create a positive impact for our people, our community, and the environment
  • Behave responsibly and act with integrity.


Greencap's operations are proudly underpinned by 8 pillars of sustainability


Safety & Wellbeing

At Greencap, we recognise our team members are central to our success, and maintain a relentless focus on providing safe workplaces. This includes initiatives to mitigate fatal risk, prevent injuries, and ensure team members physical and psychological wellbeing. We measure our safety performance to ensure continuous improvement.

Greencap has facilitated psychological health and wellbeing workshops as part of a focus on psychological wellbeing. The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provides free counselling and assistance to any employee and their immediate family members. Our mental health is a part of our overall health, and to support this, we introduced Mental Health First Aiders who are here to support team members.

We consult widely at Greencap - one of the ways we do this is through our consultative meetings.

  • Facilitate cooperation between managers and team members in initiating, developing, and implementing measures to ensure work health and safety.
  • Review and assist in implementation of policies, standards, procedures and processes relating to health and safety.
  • Assist with reviews of hazard and risk control measures through annual Branch Plans and other activities.

Team members are also invited to participate in fitness and wellbeing initiatives.


Diversity & Inclusion

Greencap is an equal employment opportunity (EEO) employer and we celebrate our diverse background. At Greencap, 32 countries, 43 cultural backgrounds, and 44 languages are represented.

Since 2017 Greencap has partnered with the Australian Numeracy and Literacy foundation (ALNF) raising awareness of ALNF and participating in fundraising initiatives for the ALNF’s Wall of Hands Appeal. Also in 2022, Greencap committed to sponsor a second Indigenous student through their final two years of school through the Skyline Education Foundation. Greencap have proudly been supporting the work of the foundation since 2018. The foundation provides support to academically gifted children from underprivileged backgrounds that may have no choice but to leave school to take up jobs to support their families.


People Development

Greencap provides a range of opportunities for team members to enhance their performance and advance their careers.

Greencap runs the GREAT Leader program. The aim of the GREAT Leader program is to focus on enhancing leadership skills for leaders and team members. The GREAT acronym represents a core set of leadership expectations and underpins the training framework. It stands for growth mindset, results driven, engages people, adaptable and trustworthy.

The program provides leaders with the skills and experience to demonstrate the GREAT Leader expectations.

Learn more about Careers at Greencap.


Ethical Sourcing

Greencap are committed to working with supply partners to continuously improve ethical business practices through engaging with the partners to deliver sustainable solutions.

Greencap has assessed the risks of modern slavery across our operations focusing on tier one suppliers, and are in the process of addressing modern slavery risks of those suppliers beyond tier one, who are determined by the division to be of high risk.

Greencap utilises the respected SMETA 6.1 audit methodology developed by Sedex to ensure continual evolution to align with global best practice in managing and improving working conditions in global supply chains.

Learn more here - Education & Awareness Campaigns

View the Ethical Sourcing policy >


Service Quality

Greencap is committed to the delivery of industry-leading risk management solutions and improving and mainataining standards, controls and processes in the quality of Greencap services. Greencap has achieved certification in ISO 9001 Quality Management System and and ISO 14001: Environmental Management System.

What makes Greencap unique is a process to deliver 10/10 client service, and a firm commitment to deliver it throughout the company. Continual client feedback from a monthly client satisfaction survey conducted by an independent research company is used to develop and improve service delivery across all touchpoints in the company.

See Accreditations >


Community Contributions

Greencap’s vision is to make our world safer through the improved risk management of people, property and the environment. To support this, we look for opportunities to work with communities, support meaningful causes, and provide training and development opportunities to workers and community members.

Members of Greencap's Community Engagement Committee plan and implement activities to support nationally aligned causes and other regional initiatives.

Learn More >


Climate Change Resilience

There is a focus to further reduce the emissions intensity of Greencap businesses and improve resilience to climate change.

Greencap has committed to purchase the majority of total energy consumption as GreenPower.

Learn more here.


Greencap Commitment to Reduce Waste and Packaging

Waste & Packaging

Greencap has an Eco Sustainability Committee dedicated to reducing waste generated from business and personal activities and water usage where possible. Recent initiatives include organising e-waste collection from offices and annual participation in Clean Up Australia Day as a Business Supporter.

Read Greencap's Eco-News for more.

Greencap supports Clean Up Australia - learn more here.




Greencap is proud to actively plan and implement initiatives that support causes that align with our vision. With an active Community Engagement Committee and engagement from teams across the business, Greencap has a selection of causes that it suppots on a national and regional level. 


Nationally Aligned Causes




Learn More > >



Clean Up Australia Day

Learn More > >



The Australian Literacy & Numeracy Foundation (ALNF)

Learn More > >


State & Regional Causes




Skyline Education Foundation (Victoria)

Skyline provides support and guidance to help bright young people from disadvantaged backgrounds finish Year 11 and 12.

Greencap currently support an Indigenous student in Year 12.

Learn more about what Skyline does by visiting their website



Surf Life Saving (Queensland)

The Queensland office does fundraising BBQs to raise money for Surf Life Saving Queensland.

If you'd like to know more about what SLS QLD do, please visit their website



Flood Response (NSW & QLD)

Greencap provided resources for flood impacted communities during the 2022 Queensland and New South Wales floods.

To learn more, please visit Greencap's Flood Response page


Toiletry Donations (Northern Territory)

The Sydney office regularly collects toiletry donations for a regional school in the Northern Territory.

This assists families in remote areas with everyday items, letting young people focus on their schooling.




Bushfire Responses & Local Fire Stations (Western Australia)

Greencap raised money to assist community fire stations in Western Australia with essential items, such as new fridges.

Learn more about how you can help these essential volunteers here

Community Engagement Activity

Ideas and suggestions from team members across all areas of Greencap have inspired community engagement initiatives throughout 2021 and into 2022. The primary ways Greencap seeks to give back to the communities within which it operates are through:


Pro-Bono Support

The cornerstone of Greencap's support is through applying the unique skills and expertise of teams to support the community. Recently, Greencap has undertaken pro bono jobs for communities in need, such as:


Fundraising Initiatives 

Flood Response

In 2022, Greencap and Greencap team member's raised over $2000 through GIVIT to help flood affected families rebuild and recover. Donations went to GIVIT's Storm and Flooding appeal, and were used for essential items and services. 

Also, through a technology recycling program, IT supplier Blue Connections reimbursed funds to Greencap through the recycling of laptops. In turn, Greencap donated these funds to the Australian Numeracy and Literacy Foundation (ALNF) providing 25+ students impacted by the floods with Back-to-School packs, including stationery, a backpack and a drink bottle. 

Sweat for Skyline

2021's extended lockdowns, especially in Victoria and New South Wales, meant that many students were unable to attend in-person classes. This means that these young people have a higher chance of falling behind in their schoolwork, compared to areas that weren't locked down. 

Greencap looked for ways to help support students in their endeavour and decided to participate in Sweat for Skyline, raising money for the Skyline Education Foundation. Greencap team members did 10,000 steps a day for a month to help bright and high achieving students in challenging situations finish year 11 and 12. 

  • Sweat for Skyline 
    • Supporting an Indigenous student in Year 11/12 
  • Clean Up Australia Day 
  • WA Community Fire Stations 
    • Hair dye campaign 
  • Greencap Bingo - for Reflections 
  • Awareness campaigns and other causes. 

Education & Awareness Campaigns 

Ethical Sourcing & Modern Slavery

Supply chains worldwide are being increasingly scrutinised on their risks of modern slavery.  

Greencap has been active in educating clients and the public on these risks, their obligations, and providing tools to combat these risks, including: 

Asbestos Awareness & Education 

In 2021, Greencap hosted a complimentary webinar, the ‘National Asbestos Forum hosted by Greencap’ that encouraged donations to Reflections. It was a well-attended event that educated on the dangers of asbestos and had guest speakers from a variety of regulators, including SafeWork NSW, WorkSafe VIC and the Australian Border Force. 

Greencap has its own asbestos training offerings, including Online Asbestos Awareness Training and Virtual face-to-face Asbestos Awareness Training which have been delivered to many participants this year. Greencap proudly donates $5 from every course enrolment towards Reflections to help reduce the impact of asbestos on the community.

If you or your team are interested in one of Greencap’s training courses - please click here.

Greencap Nationally-Aligned Causes


Reflections was founded in 2015 to support sufferers of asbestos-related disease, increase awareness of the ongoing risks of asbestos in the community, and promote research into better treatment outcomes for Mesothelioma sufferers.

Sharing this vision, Greencap proudly commenced a partnership with Reflections in 2020 as National Risk Management Supporter. Read the full announcement.

Greencap proudly donates $5 from every enrolment in its Online Asbestos Awareness Course, Virtual Face-to-Face Asbestos Awareness Course, and Contractor Asbestos Awareness Course to Reflections.

To learn more about the foundation and make a donation, visit the official Reflections website.


Reflections Through Reality




The Australian Literacy and Numeracy Foundation

Being a professional services provider employing a large number of scientists and engineers, Greencap values the importance of education.

Greencap's outlook aligns with the Australian Literacy & Numeracy Foundation (ALNF), believing that to able to read and write is the key to accessing education and employment, and to participating fully in society.

Since 2017, Greencap has been raising awareness of the ALNF and participating in fundraising initiatives for the ALNF's Wall Of Hands Appeal. 100% of the funds raised through the Wall of Hands appeal go to delivering literacy programs in Indigenous communities across the nation.

In 2022, funds raised for the ALNF supported the purchase of back-to-school packs to assist families in flood affected areas.

Learn more on the official Australian Literacy & Numeracy Foundation website


Australian Literacy and Numeracy Foundation




Clean Up Australia Day

Clean Up Australia was formed over 30 years ago by the late Ian Kiernan AO, who had a simple idea - to make a difference in his own backyard. Clean Up Australia is now the nation's largest community-based environmental event inspiring and empowering Australians to clean up, fix up and conserve our environment.

Greencap is proud to have a long running association with Clean Up Australia, holding annual clean up events for over a decade before running a coordinated national response as a Silver Business Supporter (since 2017) and now a Gold Business Supporter since 2021.

Each year upwards of 50 Greencap team members join hundreds of thousands of volunteers nationally to step up and clean up, removing rubbish and other pollutants from their local environment to help reduce the estimated 130,000 tonnes of plastic which ends up in our waterways and oceans each year.


Clean Up Australia Day




The Bernie Banton Foundation

The Bernie Banton Foundation (BBF) provided support and advocacy to sufferers of asbestos related diseases and their loved ones.

With a shared vision of protecting the community by raising awareness of the dangers of asbestos, Greencap has proudly been the Risk Management Supporter of the Bernie Banton Foundation since 2017.

Through internal and external fundraising initiatives including fitness challenges, events on sites and donation-matching, Greencap has contributed over $20,000 to the foundation and campaigned for awareness across industries affected by the deadly material.

With the closure of the foundation from July 2020, the Bernie Banton Foundation website is still operational as Australia's premier independent source of information for mesothelioma and other asbestos related diseases and asbestos awareness.


Bernie Banton Foundation




Greencap is proud to have committed to purchasing the majority of its total energy consumption as GreenPower, starting at 53% in 2021, and increasing to 75% from 1 July 2022.

Purchasing Greenpower means that Greencap is selecting 100% renewable energy to power 75% of our business with the intention to increase this percentage annually. GreenPower is independently accredited renewable energy from entirely renewable sources and is available through most energy retailers. More than 160,000 properties around the country have joined GreenPower and have reduced their impact on the environment by investing in the renewable energy sector.

Greencap - working towards Making Our World Safer





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