Contractor Safety Management Systems

Using contractors does not remove your obligations to ensure the work is performed in a safe manner. Greencap provides a range of services to assist organisation in demonstrating due diligence and effectively managing the safety of contractors onsite.

The three stages of contractor management need to be understood by the organisation to be successful in implementation of an effective system.


Stage 1: Contract Specification

Clear specification of health and safety requirements to contractors


Stage 2: Tender Evaluation

Verification of what has been presented on paper against what can be practically demonstrated


Stage 3: Contractor Monitoring and Supervision

Ensuring that contractors are implementing safety processes


Greencap’s highly experienced consultants work with a broad range of organisations to help them successfully implement contractor management systems that suit the style of the organisation and provide commercial and safety benefits including:

  • A clear understanding of contractor health and safety management obligations and processes
  • The development and implementation of a systematic approach to managing contractors
  • The effective management of contractor health and safety risks
  • Practical systems for managing contractors that are operationally relevant


Greencap Services


Review procedures and practices

  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of current processes for managing contractor safety
  • Identification of legislative or best practice gaps and improvement opportunities
  • Contextualization of procedures and provision of solutions for improved safety culture
  • Development of action plans which set out priorities, targets and timelines.


Development of systems

  • Processes that consider the types and risk of contracts, range of work settings and contract management arrangements
  • Development of Site Management Plans
  • Systems include health and safety management policies, procedures, resources, health and safety specification clauses, pre-qualification programs, tender review checklists, induction packages, key performance measures and contract evaluations


Contractor induction programs

  • Development of programs to ensure contractors are fully informed
  • Preparation of induction kits
  • Contractor induction passports


Training programs

  • Provide stakeholders with contractor management skills
  • Incorporation of case studies of existing contracts
  • Learning outcomes measured


Onsite Contractor Verification

  • Desktop and onsite reviews of contractor performance

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Cm3 – Online Contractor Prequalification & Safety Management

Cm3 is Australia's leading online contractor WHS prequalification system which assists companies in meeting their legislative duty of care around the selection and use of contractors. It allows them to demonstrate that their contractors are carefully selected based on WHS capabilities and practices which comply with current WHS legislation.

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