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Management of the risk of collision between vehicles, or between vehicles and pedestrians can be a key risk for any business. These interactions occur across a range of businesses, from industrial warehouses through to construction sites, shopping centres and/or commercial buildings. A variety of mobile plant/vehicles exist in these workplaces and often there is a need for interaction between vehicles and/or pedestrians.

Safe Work Australia have provided some guidance material on managing the risk of these issues in various types of workplaces including:

  • Shopping centres
  • Construction workplaces
  • Warehouses
  • Events

Greencap assist with undertaking Traffic Management Risk Assessments – looking at typical interactions between vehicles and between pedestrians and vehicles, and looking for ways to eliminate, or reduce as far as reasonably practicable the risk of these interactions. This may be via looking for ways to separate people and vehicles, reviewing pedestrian crossings and/or parking areas, systems of work for loading/unloading vehicles and various signage and/or road markings.

A Traffic Management Plan is one typical outcome that may result from these assessments – this may assist with communicating how traffic related risks are to be managed and generally include information around areas such as the desired flow of pedestrians/vehicles and graphical illustrations of these vehicle flows and other control measures including barriers and/or signage.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What can you do to control traffic management risks? 

There are many ways to manage traffic management risk at a property and with almost every car park and trafficable area different, there needs to be a tailored approach to each car park.

Areas to consider are the following:

  • Safe vehicle interactions with other vehicles, pedestrian, cyclists
  • Vehicle speed controls
  • Impact protection (pedestrian, property etc.)
  • Pedestrian access
  • Disability access. 

What is involved in a traffic management risk assessment? 

There are generally limitations to significantly redesigning a car park and/or trafficable areas of a site. Therefore engaging a consultant to undertake a risk assessment of the car park or trafficable areas is the best way to identify where potential risks exists and what controls can be implemented to mitigate those risks. A traffic management risk assessment should review the trafficable areas of a site and how vehicles and pedestrians interact within this area, the risk assessment may also include a marked up site plan as a visual reference for the site.

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