Exposure Risk Assessment / Expert Witness

Even with all best laid plans and control measures concerning asbestos and hazardous materials management, there may be a time when an incident has occurred and you find yourself in need of advice and assistance in relation to a potential legal case involving asbestos/hazardous materials exposure.

For over three decades, Greencap has been providing expert advice in the asbestos and hazardous materials space. A team of Principal Consultants assist clients with the provision of advice around complex issues and scenarios and assist with building a case around potential asbestos exposure or expert witness advice around a particular issue. 



Greencap's typical service offering in this space includes:

  • Exposure Risk Assessment – replicating potential incidents/scenarios under controlled conditions to get an indication of potential exposure 
  • Independent Expert Witness advice in relation to asbestos and hazardous materials legal cases and matters
  • Stakeholder Management – assistance with toolbox talks/workshops/presentations to key stakeholders following a potential incident 
  • Incident Investigation – independent investigation and consultation 
  • Third Party/Independent Review – of technical reports, project specifications, abatement procedures, and more

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