Annual Fire Safety Certificates

Most Australian states and territories require owners or occupiers to prepare and submit annual statements (or Essential Safety Measures) certifying that a building’s fire safety measures have been adequately maintained over the course of the preceding year and are fit for purpose.  Penalties typically apply for late submissions or failure to submit such statements.

Greencap's team of experienced fire safety auditors can manage the entire annual certification process, which would typically involve the following:

  • Facilitate and supervise System Interface Tests against the relevant design specifications
  • Review service records relating to the building’s fire safety measures against the relevant standards
  • Undertake a comprehensive site inspection to verify compliance with nominated standards of performance and fire engineering “Performance Solutions”
  • Coordinate collation and scrutiny of individual contractor annual statements
  • Prepare a report which prioritises defects according to greatest impact on life safety and property protection
  • Prepare and submit annual fire safety certification

Where required, Greencap can make representations to local authorities on behalf of the building owner to manage any delays in the submission of annual certification due to critical system defects and similar circumstances.

Greencap has experience servicing clients with a range of large, national property portfolios, ensuring compliance with relevant state-based requirements, adding value, and ensuring risk mitigation across the portfolio.


Additionally, Greencap has a range of innovative tools, including the online portal ContinuONE which can assist clients in managing this process. 


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