Plant Risk Assessments

Property owners and managers are confronted with the need to meet a broad range of legislation, risk management and compliance requirements. This can include the additional challenge of navigating through various state-based requirements for portfolios operating across state borders.

There are many duties in relation to plant and machinery on a property – from designers to manufacturers, importers and suppliers/installers of plant, the duties extend well into the supply chain. For a person in control of a premises, this may also include being a PCBU involving the management or control of plant. Whilst the duties extend down the supply chain, ultimately this PCBU is the one with the end/ongoing duty to ensure risks to health and safety are managed in the workplace.

Greencap assists people who are managing and/or controlling plant in the workplace through the identification of hazards relating to plant, assessment of the risks associated and review of existing control measures in place and practical recommendations for additional measures to further mitigate risk.

The various state and territory legislation give guidance on typical control measures required around areas including, but not limited to:

  • Guarding
  • Insulation from heat/cold
  • Operational Controls
  • Emergency Stops
  • Warning Devices



  • A review of your equipment to provide practical solutions for risk mitigation
  • Learnings from incident investigations following issues associated with plant and equipment to apply for practical solutions and advice
  • Simple to read reports with concise action identification and prioritisation help take the confusion out of managing plant and equipment


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