Our proactive approach to integrated risk management and compliance delivers the right solutions.

The variety of services we offer is as compelling as it is diverse. From large scale desk top reviews through to physical audit programs with quality reporting systems, if it involves risk and compliance, Greencap has it covered.

Greencap's core strength is our ability to integrate those services to better meet your needs. Read on for a quick overview of what we offer..

Occupational Hygiene

Our highly experienced consultants provide a complete range of occupational hygiene and assessment services. Our teams have worked with a broad range of organisations, all wanting to suitably control the risks that working with chemicals and hazardous processes can bring.

Greencap has an extensive range of state of the art monitoring and sampling equipment, and we can accurately assess exposure risks for employers needing to be fully aware of potential health and safety risks.

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Property and Hazardous Materials

When Greencap is working with you, effective assessment and management of property related risks is guaranteed. We conduct property risk assessment audits and establish effective management programs to minimize exposure for employees, occupants and contractors. Fire safety, hazardous building materials, property transfer and more – we take it all in our stride.

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Work Health and Safety

We all know that good WHS management has a positive effect on people performance as well as bringing bottom line benefits. Greencap offers a range of proven professional services to help improve the health and safety, performance and efficiency of your organisation. If looking after your people is as important as achieving a strong bottom line then read more about our WHS services.

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Environmental Management

Greencap covers the full spectrum of environmental services. Our team of scientists, ecologists, hydro-geologists and engineers live and breathe the environment – all over Australia and New Zealand eady to assist you make informed decisions about environmental risks, and to develop sustainable improvement strategies.

Our services encompass the review of environmental risks associated with compliance, waste management, site contamination and construction. We also work in consultation with your organisation to improve your performance in sustainable development.

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Contaminated Land

Our expertise in managing contaminated sites in Australia is unparalleled. Solvents, heavy metals, hydrocarbons, explosives, munitions or biological contaminants – Greencap can assist. We utilise stringent quality assurance protocols that ensure the quality of our data and our work follows the appropriate National Environmental Protection Measure (NEPM) guidelines and Australian Standards.

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Training Services

As much as Greencap can assist you in managing your risk issues. There is no better preparation for the future than well-trained senior management, staff and third party contractors. Our extensive platform of training programs and courses will enable your staff and clients to be fully risk trained and compliant, positioning you at your best to embrace the future.

We offer a full suite of training across Occupational Health and Safety, Property Risk Management, Environmental and Emergency Management and Safety.

Our Emergency Management Training is delivered by our TrimEVAC Division, and includes a complete range of emergency response training programs. The programs are practical and engaging, fostering new learning and assessment strategies.

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Online Solutions

While the Greencap team loves nothing more than dealing with our customers face to face, we know that you also need day to day, technological solutions to help your business to run as efficiently as possible.

Greencap’s web–based risk management solutions will make sure you are at the top of your game and fully prepared to manage all your risk and compliance obligations.

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Greencap Capability Statement

Download our Capability Statement for additional information about our services.