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Dust Monitoring

Greencap has the capabilities and experience to design and implement dust and noise monitoring either as standalone monitoring programs or as part of a broader environmental monitoring program. These can be implemented as part of the construction, operations or closure phases of a project.

Dust monitoring can include the monitoring of particulate matter with different fractions (e.g. PM10 or PM2.5) to gauge impacts on sensitive receptors such as nearby residential areas or dust deposition impacts on adjacent vegetation communities.

Depending on project needs, Greencap can undertake continuous dust monitoring where concentrations are automatically measured and recorded in real-time. Dust monitors are typically solar powered, web-enabled and can deliver data automatically to an online database where it is downloaded and processed. Wind speed and direction data from nearby weather stations can be acquired and used to identify potential relationships between onsite and offsite dust sources with dust concentrations recorded at monitoring locations. 


Noise Monitoring

Greencap also has the capability to undertake noise monitoring on a continuous basis depending on the associated project objectives. Noise monitoring locations are typically placed close to potential sensitive receptor locations (e.g. residential properties). Noise loggers can be programmed to record A-weighted equivalent continuous sound levels with triggered sound file recordings. Continuous data recorded is retrieved and post-processed to calculate 15 minute, A-weighted noise metrics. The use of 15 minute data facilitates reporting of a larger range of statistical noise and metrics, including the minimum and maximum noise levels (LAmin and LAmax) and the noise levels which exceeded for 1%, 10% and 90% of the sample period. 

The ideal scenario is to establish a noise baseline before the project commences and then continue this through the construction phase to determine what, if any, noise impacts are attributable to the project and whether impacts have occurred at sensitive receptor locations.


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