Occupational Hygiene in Healthcare Construction

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Greencap’s team of occupational hygienists and infection control professionals provide critical expertise and support during the planning, commissioning, and completion of construction projects. Identifying, assessing, and controlling dust and airborne infection risks in high-risk settings such as health and aged care is key to the success of these projects. This enables the design and construction process to be enhanced by developing, implementing, and monitoring appropriate control measures throughout the lifecycle of a construction or renovation project to protect vulnerable and sensitive populations.


Infection Prevention and Control Framework

Effective infection prevention and control outside of clinical contexts and in the built environment centres on a few key concepts as outlined in the figure below.


Greencap - Infection Control Planning Flowchart


Achieving effective infection prevention and control begins at the outset of a building design, construction, renovation, or maintenance project via consideration of robust infection control principals and reliable controls. This framework is then applied throughout the lifecycle of the construction or renovation project, as well as maintenance activities. This way preventing risk of exposure of patients, residents, staff, contractors, and visitors to biological hazards and reducing incidence of nosocomial infections.


Greencap Infection Prevention & Control Services

Greencap offers a suite of services that support clients from the design and operation of workplaces to reduce infections, to practical guidance during construction and renovation, with clear control systems, frameworks, and hygiene monitoring activities.  Greencap can assist in the application and validation of critical infection control principals throughout the design and construction lifecycle of a project; provide onsite and remote training and education to workers and contractors; and ensure required  due diligence, performance outcomes and standards are achieved.

Greencap's infection control service capabilities, led by our industry-experts and infection control specialists, based on international best-practice infection controls standards include: 

  • Building design reviews
  • Health and Aged Care Facility Design, Construction and Operation Framework
  • Operational infection control plans
  • Review of Cleaning and Disinfection Methodology
  • Contractor Management


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