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Covid-19 Services 

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Greencap has been working closely with clients across a range of industries to help them proactively manage their risks and maintain business continuity within a rapidly changing regulatory landscape. Our team of specialists includes infection control professionals, mycologists, occupational hygienists and health and safety practitioners, all of whom have extensive experience in infection control and prevention in the context of risk management frameworks.

COVIDSafe Assurance

Greencap’s specialist team can assess COVIDSafe plans, policies, and procedures to establish whether these are aligned to current best practice, and the degree to which they are being adhered to within an organisation. Our team performs document reviews and gap analyses, on-site audits of COVIDSafe plans, and offers implementation support to our clients where corrective actions are identified.

Download the CovidSAFE Assurance Factsheet here: CovidSAFE Assurance (PDF) 


Incident Response and ‘What if’ Analysis

While many organisations have developed and imbedded COVIDSafe Plans and processes into their operations, these may have not been reviewed or updated since the requirement for these processes first emerged in mid-2020. In addition, employees’ knowledge, training, and awareness of appropriate responses to an outbreak at a workplace may not be current. Greencap works with our clients to map out how an organisation’s COVIDSafe Plan and system would respond in the event of an outbreak, and stress tests key components to identify and mitigate the likely points of failure. The outcome is a robust and practical COVIDSafe management system which optimises business continuity. In the event of a COVID-19 outbreak or exposure event at a workplace, our team works closely with our clients to implement rapid response and appropriate reviews and amendments of system failure points, where these are identified.


Cleaning and Disinfection Reviews

There is now well-established understanding of persistence of viral particles on surfaces; effective cleaning and disinfection is therefore a critical component of effective transmission control. However, there are very specific requirements and anti-viral products which must be used to ensure ‘deep’ cleans are effective. Greencap’s experienced team works with our clients and their cleaning contractors to audit and assess existing cleaning and disinfection programs for suitability and develop appropriate robust programs where these are not in place. Our team takes a collaborative approach to engage and empower cleaning contractors in this process, given the critical role they play in virus suppression.


Indoor Air Quality & Ventilation Assessment

The critical importance of ventilation and air flow to minimise the spread of COVID-19 is now well understood and acknowledged. However, the complexity of many heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning systems (HVAC) makes it difficult to determine at a glance, how effectively they’re operating. In addition, the placement of vents, filter ratings, air flow velocities and mixing rates adds complexity to ventilation assessment in the context of COVID-19 transmission. Greencap offers a range of indoor air quality assessments to verify that internal environmental conditions are being adequately controlled.

As is standard practice, our IAQ assessments comprise measurement of thermal comfort, humidity, carbon dioxide, and carbon monoxide. Where required, Greencap can supplement this IAQ assessment with additional components to verify adequacy of environmental controls, both from a COVIDsafe and targeted building use perspective.

These additional parameters may include some, or all, of the following:
  • Mould and particulate sampling
  • Measurement of contaminants where targeted assessment is required (e.g. diesel particulate, VOCs, ozone, formaldehyde)
  • Air flow measurement and fresh air intake, and/or
  • Assessment of workspace layout relative to ventilation extracts to assess potential risk of spread of airborne viral particles between occupants.

Completed by Greencap’s team of Occupational Hygienists, these assessments can be used to establish whether a more targeted review of your ventilation system is required and to ensure occupants are safe and comfortable.


Greencap Covid-19 Videos



Additional Greencap Services

Greencap offers a wide range of services which can be used in conjunction with our tailored COVID-19 services to support our clients.

Services include:

  • Contractor Management Safety Systems
  • Onsite Contractor Verification Service
  • Strategy, Governance & Risk Management Framework
  • Management System Design, Implementation and Review
  • Cm3 Online Contractor Prequalification
  • Cm3 Site Access and Covid-19 Visitor Screening
  • Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) Fit Testing
  • Ventilation assessments including indoor air quality, VOC monitoring and air mixing
  • Updates to SOP & SWMS to be compliant with COVIDSafe requirements



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