Environmental Compliance Auditing & Monitoring

It is challenging for a business to keep up to date with ongoing changes to environmental legislation. An organisation must clearly understand legislative environmental requirements in order to prioritise the most appropriate and cost-effective response. With specialists specifically recruited for their experience and expertise in working with statutory authorities, Greencap offer tailored services in line with statutory expectations.


Environmental Legislative Compliance

Greencap recognise how challenging it can be for businesses to keep up to date with ongoing changes to environmental legislation. Working with you, Greencap assists clients in understanding legislative environmental requirements to prioritise the most appropriate and cost-effective response.
Greencap employs team members from within operational units of various statutory authorities in order to tailor services in line with the expectations of statutory authorities – enabling clients to achieve compliance.

Greencap has extensive experience in liaising, preparing and developing programs for clients required for Environment Protection Authority (EPA) approval.


  • Determine legislative compliance status
  • Highlight priority areas to ensure compliance
  • Comply with relevant environmental legislative requirements
  • Effectively manage offsite discharge issues
  • Ensure processes and training are appropriate
  • Identify performance improvement requirements
  • Understand your environmental risk profile
  • Establish opportunities to reduce annual Environment Protection Authority (EPA) licence fees for excellent performance
  • Reduce insurance premiums


    Greencap Services

    • Legislative compliance audits
    • Environment Improvement Plans
    • Works Approvals/Licence Applications
    • Preparation of Environment Improvement Plan (EIPs) and related documents to comply with National Management Plan and Notifiable Chemical Orders such as PCBs (Polychlorinated Biphenyls)
    • Prescribed Waste Exemption applications
    • Appropriate assessment and classification of asbestos/contaminated soil and disposal
    • Waste transport and disposal issues
    • Compliance inspections to prioritise risks
    • Environmental Policy Development



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