Fire Safety Compliance & Risk Audits

Fire Safety Compliance Audits are an integral component of the current fire services maintenance standard AS 1851-2012 and of Greencap’s Annual Fire Safety Certification service, but is also offered as a standalone service which may be extended and combined with a risk audit to assist building owners, managers and occupiers in meeting their general risk management obligations, their statutory obligation to provide a safe place of work, and to prepare for loss prevention audits.


Greencap can undertake a comprehensive audit of a building to determine any fire safety compliance and risk deficiencies, including such elements as:

  • Inspection of all fire safety measures and paths of travel with the building to verify consistency with the nominated standards of performance
  • Verification that fire safety installations are being maintained to the required standards
  • Gap analysis between current fire code requirements and the requirements in force at the time of building construction
  • Identification of adverse housekeeping and management practices presenting increased risk to life and property
  • Verification that storage practices are consistent with sprinkler/hydrant design parameters



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