Contaminated Land

Greencap has extensive experience in managing contaminated land in Australia and New Zealand and are experts in the investigation and remediation of a wide variety of contaminants including solvents, heavy metals, hydrocarbons and PFAS.

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Greencap provides the full spectrum of contaminated land management services and work in partnership with clients to find cost effective and practical solutions to contaminated land issues. The team of scientists, hydrogeologists and engineers is highly experienced and diverse in their skills sets, enabling the provision of solutions tailored to a business’s specific needs.

Consultation is centred around a risk-based approach to contaminated land issues and Greencap works with stakeholders including regulators, clients, and the community to find solutions that both protect the environment and take account of the commercial realities inherent in acquisitions, divestments, portfolio management and development projects.



Environmental Site Assessments



Groundwater Monitoring, Modelling & Assessment



Remediation Action Planning



Asbestos in Soil



Acid Sulphate Soil Monitoring & Assessment



Human Health & Ecological Risk Assessment



Landfill Gas Monitoring

Landfill Gas Monitoring



Mine Site Closure Planning, Rehabilitation and Monitoring

Mine Site Closure Planning, Rehabilitation & Monitoring




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National Practice Lead - Environment

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National Operations Manager - Environmental Management

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Manager – Environmental Management