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Greencap Response to Stage 4 Restrictions in Victoria

05 August 2020

On the 2 August 2020, the Victorian premier Daniel Andrews announced that metropolitan Melbourne would be entering Stage 4 lockdown restrictions due to the alarming rate of new COVID-19 infections. These restrictions will have widespread impacts on businesses across all industries and their abilities to operate. For full details on how Stage 4 restrictions affect businesses and workplaces, visit the Victorian Government website.

Greencap has a national footprint including 8 offices throughout Australia and a significant presence in Victoria, with the head office located in the suburb of Kew East. Each of Greencap’s locations in every mainland state and territory of Australia are fully operational and are servicing clients though the full suite of risk management solutions across health & safety, property, environmental and emergency management risk, including TrimEVAC. Greencap’s Cm3 Online Contractor Safety Management & Compliance solution is also unaffected, with the WHS assessors and support teams continuing to assist clients and contractors remotely.

Under the parameters of a comprehensive National COVID Safe Plan, Greencap is safely servicing clients across Victoria that is in line with government guidelines through expert services, NATA-accredited laboratory testing, and training via digital platforms.

Pleasingly, there have been no confirmed cases of COVID-19 amongst Greencap’s team to date. With a robust pandemic plan in place and comprehensive health and safety protocols, Greencap is confident in our ability to deliver services and maintain business continuity throughout the various stages of lockdown and  is committed to supporting all efforts to restore the health of our community.


How Greencap can help you

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Greencap has been working closely with clients across a range of industries to help them proactively manage their risk and maintain business continuity within a rapidly changing regulatory landscape including review of High Risk and Universal COVID Safe Plans.

With an experienced team of infection control and health and safety professionals, risk management specialists, microbiologists, and Occupational Hygienists, Greencap is proactively able to respond to clients’ needs in developing procedures for managing the human health impacts of COVID-19.


Services to help clients manage their COVID-19 risks include:

  • COVID Safe Assurance (including on-site audits and infection control protocols)
  • Review of Cleaning & Disinfection Strategies
  • Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) Fit Testing
  • Incident Investigations (e.g. rapid response following a confirmed outbreak of COVID-19)
  • Contractor Safety Management Systems including Cm3
  • Management System Design, Implementation & Review

For more information, download Greencap’s Services to Manage COVID-19 Risks flyer.





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