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Mould Outbreak Affecting Properties Across New South Wales

27 June 2017

Torrential rain along the New South Wales coast in mid-2017 amounted to more than just a wet start to winter. Residents and businesses across the state experienced outbreaks of mould as a result of damp conditions and poor ventilation.

Beyond creating unsightly blotches, mould sends reproductive spores into the air with the potential to cause illness. Exposure to mould affects individuals differently, but can result in respiratory, sinus and skin infections, and symptoms of various severity including, headaches, asthma, fatigue, decreased libido and anxiety.

Common methods of fighting outbreaks are often too little, too late – focusing on cleaning visibly affected areas instead of finding the cause. Spraying the affected site can actually cause agitation and the release of even more spores that spread the mould and increase the risk of exposure.


What Can You Do?

The key is identifying the source of moisture; you may remove visible mould but if the source of moisture is not identified and rectified, the mould will just keep coming back.

Depending on the situation and environmental condition, there are a number steps that may be required. These potential steps are details in Greencap’s Professional Mould Assessment and Remediation Guide.

Greencap offers independent mould assessments and post-remediation verification services in Sydney, Newcastle, Wollongong, and across the nation.

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