Emergency Management

Through the Greencap specialised Emergency Management and Training company TrimEVAC, Greencap provides a comprehensive range of emergency management consulting services as well as nationally recognised emergency management training courses.

TrimEVAC is one of Australia's leading Fire Emergency Management and response training companies and has been providing these services since 1987.


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Services include:

Emergency Management Planning

Emergency Management Training


TrimEVAC Emergency Management Offers


TrimEVAC also offers TrimONLINE, a comprehensive web-based Emergency Planning and Management tool for multi-building portfolios. TrimOnline is designed to allow clients to effectively coordinate, track and monitor emegnecy planning actions and programs. Compliance and emergency management data can be recorded, analysed and reported across groups of sites, regions, or at a national level.

The value and power of the TrimONLINE system is that it is web-based. It is accessible anywhere, anytime and from virtually any device with internet connectivity. It allows recording, analysis and reporting of compliance and emergency management data across a group of sites, regions, states or nationally.

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