Asbestos Training - CPCCBC5014A Conduct Asbestos Assessment Associated With Removal

Delivered by leaders in hazardous materials & asbestos consultancy this is course in conducting asbestos assessment forms part of the Asbestos Assessor license requirements across most states and territories. It teaches the required skills and knowledge for asbestos assessors to visually inspect and use a range of devices to undertake the monitoring of airborne asbestos fibres. Monitoring and testing forms an integral part of assessing risks, monitoring controls, and ensuring that asbestos is managed appropriately in the workplace.


Course Dates:



The Asbestos Assessor course enables you to undertake the following work:

  •     Collect site documentation including registers
  •     Identification of asbestos containing materials
  •     Evaluate asbestos risks
  •     Compiling asbestos registers
  •     Interpretation of the asbestos Codes of Practice
  •     Site investigation and asbestos sampling
  •     Air sampling for asbestos fibres
  •     Selection, use and maintenance of sampling equipment
  •     Collection, evaluation and reporting of sampling information
  •     Meeting asbestos licensing requirements
  •     Monitoring and supervision of asbestos removal
  •     Managing asbestos risk and taking action
  •     Conduct clearance inspections
  •     Provide clearance certificates


Designed for:

The Conduct Asbestos Assessment Associated with Removal training is designed for those who wish to work as Asbestos Assessors on jobs within Australia.

Work Health and Safety Regulation 2011 Regulation 495 (Victorian Regulation 296 independent person)

An asbestos assessor licence is required for air monitoring, clearance inspections and clearance certificates for class A removal work (friable asbestos removal work).


Unit of Competency

CPCCBC5014A Conduct Asbestos Assessment Associated with Removal



Assessment for this unit of competency will be by simulation of workplace practices. Assessment will occur over a range of situations and scenarios. Assessment will also be conducted through actual demonstration of competencies and written and oral testing of underpinning knowledge.


Delivery Method:

Training will be delivered utilising theory and practical activities. Simulation will be based on actual conditions and will include walk-throughs of the relevant competency components. Delivery will include instructor led presentations / scenarios.




2 Days



CPCCWHS1001 - Prepare to work safely in the construction industry (Construction Industry White Card)





Pre-entry Requirements:

Language, literacy and numeracy skills are required to Conduct Asbestos Assessments Associated with Removal and complete appropriate workplace documentation.




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