Safety Culture and Leadership Programs

The Organisational Performance through Safety program is designed to assist people and their organisations to thrive in a changing world where health and safety performance is a competitive advantage.

Our proven 'Safety Culture Snap Shot' workshops, a targeted workplace intervention system and Organisational Performance through Safety (OPtS) all work together to ensure Health and Safety is a competitive advantage for your business. OPtS is an integrated three stage process designed to assist your organisation move toward a more productive & safe workplace.

These stages incorporate:

1. The Organisational Performance through Safety

The Exploration Phase

In conjunction with dynamic interactive workshops, the current perceptions, reality, and understanding of your organisation’s safety culture will be established with respect to seven critical dimensions.

This process establishes “what” people think about the safety culture and most importantly the critical issues impacting on safety performance.

Outcomes include

2. Leadership Enlightenment

The Discovery Phase

Building on the outcomes of the Exploration Phase, the Discovery Phase works with your managers/supervisors to develop a deeper understanding of the safety issues highlighted in Phase 1.

An exciting step in this phase includes participation in defining and understanding your organisations’ “Safe Production/Service Imperative Factor” that overriding organisational activity that most employees understand and achieve on a daily basis.

Outcomes include

3. Engagement

The Rewards & Return Phase

The Engagement phase is a targeted work place intervention process complete with materials designed to fit within your organisations’ existing system. The key step of this phase is to engage employees through meaningful communication and active listening about the safety issues that are important to them.

'Engagement' revolves around a mutual understanding between all employees about your 'Safe Production/Service Imperative' (SPI) Factor utilising a shared safety model to initiate and support effective communication between the manager/supervisor and employees.

Outcomes include