Onsite Contractor Verification Service


The Onsite Contractor Verification Service gives you cost-effective, fast & ongoing management of your contractor safety across your supply chain.


Greencap's Onsite Contractor Verification Service is a cost-effective way of:


How does it work?

Onsite Contractor Verification Service Steps

Our highly experienced consultants work with a broad range of organisations to help them successfully implement contractor management systems that suit the style of the organisation.


"It is incumbent on the PCBU to ensure, so far as they are reasonably able, that the specialist or technical expert:

  • does in fact have the required expertise to ensure the work can be carried out safely;
  • has in place the systems, processes and procedures to ensure the work can be carried out safely;
  • is carrying out the work in a manner which does not create a health and safety risk for the PCBU's own workers or other at the workplace."

~ Safe Work Australia


Key Features of the Online Reporting Platform

As an optional extra, Greencap can enable:



Compatible with any Contractor Prequalification System, including:



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