Contractor Safety Management Systems

Using contractors does not remove your obligations to ensure the work is performed in a safe manner. Greencap provides a range of services to assist organisation in demonstrating due diligence and effectively managing the safety of contractors onsite. The three stages of contractor management need to be understood by the organisation to be successful in implementation of an effective system.

Stage 1: Contract Specification – clear specification of health and safety requirements to contractors

Stage 2: Tender Evaluation – verification of what has been presented on paper against what can be practically demonstrated

Stage 3: Contractor Monitoring and Supervision – ensuring that contractors are implementing safety processes

Our highly experienced consultants work with a broad range of organisations to help them successfully implement contractor management systems that suit the style of the organisation.






Review procedures and practices


Development of systems


Contractor induction programs


Training programs


ContinuONE Risk Management System

The ContinuONE (formerly known as Rm3) Risk Management System is a web-based platform that will enable you to efficiently manage you compliance obligations and risks in real time across multiple sites. With ContinuONE working for you, you can:

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