Physical Hazard Risk Management

Noise Assessments

Excessive noise in the workplace can cause damage to the sensitive structures in the inner ear and cause noise-induced hearing loss. This damage can occur immediately or can take a long time to eventuate. This damage is easily preventable and understanding these requirements and control measures available are essential for PCBUs. The various state based legislation prescribe the workplace exposure standards.

Greencap can provide assessment services for noise levels within the workplace – from a static perspective to do with plant/equipment or personal dosimetry across a standard working shift. Environmental noise monitoring at boundaries can be conducted to assist with complying with various environmental licence requirements. Upon identification of noise levels, Greencap can also assist with providing practical solutions via the assessment and control of noise related hazards using the hierarchy of controls.


Respiratory Protection

Protection of workers from airborne contaminants is provided within each of the state/territory WHS/OHS/OSH legislation. The harmonised legislation prescribes that:

‘A person conducting a business or undertaking at a workplace must ensure that no person at the workplace is exposed to a substance or mixture in an airborne concentration that exceeds the exposure standard for the substance or mixture’.

Greencap is able to provide assessment services in relation to airborne contaminants. The internal team of occupational hygienists have extensive experience in understanding the broad range of potential contaminants in the workplace and methods available for testing and analysis of potential exposure levels. Once contaminant levels are identified, practical solutions for elimination, or mitigation of these potential exposures will be proposed.

Respiratory fit testing services (PortacountTM).

Greencap also has a number of PortacountTM machines in-house and as such are able to provide respiratory fit testing services. Many organisations provide PPE to workers and just assume they provide appropriate control. There are many factors that impact the effectiveness of PPE and appropriate ‘fit’ is one of these. Greencap is able to provide testing services and ‘certification’ that appropriate fit has been achieved.



Exposure to vibration in the workplace can cause a range of acute and chronic health issues. This is often measured as ‘Whole Body’ Vibration (WBV) or ‘Hand-Arm’ Vibration (HAV). Greencap has a range of occupational hygienists who can assist with measurement of the above potential exposures in the occupational environment, as well as providing practical solutions for controlling the risk associated with these in line with the hierarchy of controls.


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