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The level to which leak/flood damage and mould remediation works are undertaken can have significant impacts on the occupant’s health and/or the owner or insurer's financial obligation.

Greencap are experienced, industry-recognised experts in mould assessment and post-remediation verification. Unbiased, scientific and independent advice is given at each stage of a remediation project or insurance claim process. Engaging Greencap can greatly assist with not only protecting the health and well-being of the insured, occupants and contractors but also mitigating losses (time, money, reputation). This can serve to prevent litigation and reduce settlement amounts on claims.

Assessment requirements are dependent on the nature of the leak/flood damage event and the client's preferred level of assessment. Greencap offers clients a range of solutions, from a simple visual inspection to a detailed assessment.


The typical process Greencap recommends involves:

  1. An initial assessment of a water ingress event

  2. Development of a remedial scope of works (if required)

  3. The completion of a post-remediation verification assessment at the completion of remedial works to demonstrate the issue has been appropriately remediated



Pre-Remediation Options

Independent Non-intrusive Pre-Remediation Assessment

Scope of Work:

  • Indoor Environmental Professional (IEP) to arrange site inspection with insured/property owner/occupant

  • IEP conducts:

    • a visual assessment of point of water ingress (if known)

    • a visual assessment of water impact and/or mould growth

    • moisture level assessment of accessible building structure/components and internal air quality within the known affected area

  • Surface and airborne mould sampling undertaken as required to establish degree and nature of impact

  • Results to be compared to modified Worldwide Exposure Standards for Mould & Bacteria - Assessment Guidelines for Air, Water, Dust, Ductwork, Carpet and Insulation (2010)

  • Preparation of report summarising the inspection findings and development of indicative remediation guidance (if required/requested)


Post-Remediation Verification

Independent Post-Remediation Verification (PRV) Assessment

Scope of Work:

  • IEP to arrange site inspection with insured/property owner/occupant and remediation contractor

  • IEP conducts:

    • a visual assessment of remedial works undertaken with the remediation contractor

    • moisture level assessment of accessible building structure/components and internal air quality within the remediation area

    • collection and analysis of verification surface and airborne mould samples

  • Preparation of report summarising findings and success of remediation works (or recommendation regarding additional remedial works if required)


Other Services

Various other services are available and these include (but are not limited to):

Independent Intrusive Pre-Remediation Visual Assessment

Scope of Work:

As per Independent Non-intrusive Pre-Remediation Assessment with intrusive works as required – this may include assessment in wall cavities, crawl spaces and ceiling voids.

Preparation of report summarising the inspection findings and development of remedial scope of works framework in accordance with IICRC Standard and Reference Guide for Professional Mould Remediation (if required/requested)


Interim Assessment

Scope of Work:

May be recommended and/or required during demolition and remediation works to further establish extent of impacts.


Air Quality Assessment

Scope of Work:

Assessment works are limited to assessing air quality to assess the suitability of the residence/workplace for occupation.


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