Indoor Air Quality

There is a large range of potential contaminants that can adversely affect air quality within office building environments, and these can have a direct impact on the health and well-being of building occupants.

Air Quality Testing

Greencap's scientific staff use state of the art equipment and technology, to evaluate a broad range of air quality parameters in the building environment. Real time instrumentation, with data logging capability, allows detailed investigation of daily variations in building air quality.

Building Ventilation Systems

Critical components of the building ventilation systems and plant are inspected by our engineering staff, to ensure that design and maintenance program conform with recognised building services health guidelines.

Cooling Tower Inspection Services

This service ensures cooling tower systems are maintained and chemically treated in accordance with requirements of relevant Codes of Practice.

Environmental Services

The total assessment of building health risks include:


Greencap provides the expertise to ensure that potential health and safety risks associated with the building environment are suitably controlled and comfort criteria optimised.