Independent Mould Assessment

Leak and flood damage can create damp environments that may lead to mould growth within the home or the workplace. The level to which this damage and mould remediation works are undertaken can have significant impacts on the insurer's financial obligation.

Greencap are experienced industry recognised experts in mould assessment and post-remediation verification. Unbiased, scientific and independent advice is given at each stage of an insurance claim process. Engaging Greencap can greatly assist with not only protecting the health and well-being of the insured (and contractors) but also mitigates loss (time, money, reputation etc). This can serve to prevent litigation and reduce settlement amounts on claims.

Assessment requirements are dependent on the nature of the insured event and insurer's preferred level of assessment. Greencap therefore offers a range of solutions, ranging from a simple visual assessment to a detailed technical review.



A Guide to Professional Mould Assessment & Remediation

A guide for property owners, managers and insurers to help protect occupant health as well as mitigate losses associated with mould contamination, based on internationally recognised best practice guidelines and standards:

Guide To Professional Mould Assessment & Remediation
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Pre-Remediation Options

Scenarios for a typical domestic property


Independent Pre-Remediation Verification Assessment (Non-Destructive)

Scope of Work:


Independent Post-Remediation Verification Assessment (Non-Destructive) with Mould Surface/Air Sampling and Analysis

Scope of Work:




Post-Remediation Options

Scenario for a typical domestic property


Independent Post-Remediation Verification Assessment (Non-Destructive)

Scope of Work:


Independent Post-Remediation Verification Assessment (Non-Destructive) with Full Technical Report

Scope of Work:

As above with a full technical report to be provided. Relevant for sensitive sites (i.e. to alleviate concerns from the insured/property occupier) in order to ensure that the insured event remediation process and post-remediation conditions are fully documented. The technical report will include a summary of:


Independent Mould Assessment

Download an overview of Greencap's Independent Mould Assessment services (PDF).