Environmental Management Systems

An Environmental Management System (EMS) will enable you to manage environmental issues in a cohesive and systematic manner. Developing and implementing an EMS is a proactive way of managing your environmental risks and demonstrates to staff and customers that you are committed to improved environmental performance.


Greencap works closely with clients to develop tailored environmental management systems that provide benefits including:

•    Providing a formal system for achieving environmental compliance and demonstrating due diligence
•    Financial benefits through efficient resource use, pollution reduction, lower waste treatment and disposal costs
•    Improved identification and management of environmental risk
•    Potential for improved access to finance and insurance
•    Demonstratable environmental commitment and environmental stewardship
•    Consistency across a variety of departments within an organisation
•    An improved corporate image which may provide a competitive edge


Greencap Services

•    Reviewing the adequacy of existing systems
•    Undertaking a gap analysis against AS/NZS/ISO 14001
•    Identifying environmental aspects and impacts
•    Development of environmental policies and procedures
•    Assisting with the development, implementation and, where required, certification of the environmental management system (EMS)
•    Training

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Brent Ridgard

National Practice Lead - Environment

Nick Waniarcha

National Operations Manager - Environmental Management

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Manager - Mine Rehabilitation

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Manager – Environmental Management