ContinuONE Risk Management System

The ContinuONE (formerly known as Rm3) Risk Management System is a web-based software platform that enables your business to manage your health and safety obligations and risks efficiently.

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With ContinuONE working for you (across multiple sites if needed) you can:

  • Record, analyse and report on compliance and risk data

  • Track progress of corrective actions and recommendations

  • Email escalation of overdue or critical items


ContinuONE User Interface


ContinuONE delivers four modules to help you manage compliance and risk issues:


Assessments module

The ContinuONE system enables effective management and tracking of compliance & risk control actions, including exception reporting. The Assessments module is designed to enable efficient management and reporting on compliance and risk status.


HAZMAT Management module

The HAZMAT Management module enables efficient management of asbestos and other hazardous materials compliance and risk requirements at site and portfolio level. The module simplifies the complex tasks of keeping asbestos risk assessment data up to date and enables easy tracking and analysis of important asbestos risk management tasks. A key feature is an interactive map that shows all of your sites and their respective level of asbestos risk.


Water Systems Management module

This module manages a comprehensive range of cooling tower and warm water delivery system compliance and risk management requirements. Critical risk management activities are managed through a calendar system that notifies relevant parties by email of overdue actions or elevated results. Records of maintenance activities and monitoring data are held within an integrated database.


Document Compliance module

Document management system for compliance/testing reports that require updating at regular intervals (e.g. Annual Fire Safety Statements). Through a contractor web-portal, service providers upload certificates and registrations directly against a site with immediate access available to Property Managers. Expiring and Expired email reminders are automatically generated and sent to relevant parties.




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