Business Risk & Crisis Management

Greencap’s technical and management expertise means we are able to understand the range of business risk issues and management processes specific to any organisation. As a result we are able to develop successful enterprise risk management solutions that reflect our clients’ needs.


Business Risk Assessment

No business is risk free, and failure to properly manage the risks to which an organisation is exposed can result in significant losses including major injuries to people, damage to the environment, loss of revenue, loss of customer and stakeholder confidence and even complete failure of the business.

There are a number of standards of good practice that require managers and directors to manage risk responsibly. These include the ASX Listing Rules, The Good Governance Principles (March 2003), and AS 4360.

In the event of a major loss, or business collapse it is vital that managers can demonstrate that they were duly diligent in their management of risk. Failure to do so can result in significant personal penalties for individuals. The first step in a Business Risk management system is to identify the risks faced.

The approach used by Greencap is based not only on good science but also importantly on the practical problems faced by managers in getting improvements made. Greencap's proven track record of client collaboration ensures we work closely with you to deliver practical results.



  • Workshops and focus groups from the Board to the shop floor
  • Quantification of risk in dollar terms, allowing a cost effective approach to risk reduction
  • Presentation of an holistic view of risk for employees, management and the Board



  • At a glance overview of all the risks the business faces
  • Clearly articulated actions which deliver demonstrable improvements
  • Actions linked to managers, strengthening accountability
  • Prevention of major losses
  • Provision of a due diligence defence for management and the company




      Key Risk Management Plans


      Key Risk Management Plans, as well as the development of action plans is a way of communicating what an organisation intends to do. It justifies the cost of risk reduction, tracks improvement in risk indicators, and holds people accountable to deliver.

      Using our proven models and techniques as a foundation, we tailor Key Risk Management Plans in such a way as to enhance the likelihood of successful implementation. We take account of the practical problems faced by managers who have to make it happen, and format the plans to fit seamlessly with everyday business.



      • Development of the key risk indicators
      • Assessments of controls effectiveness
      • Effective action plans which focus on cost effective risk reduction



      • Track the progress, cost and effectiveness of implementation
      • Serve as a follow up and reporting tool
      • Lock in and hold people accountable to deliver




        Risk Monitoring and Reporting

        In an action focused risk management system it is vital that actions and progress are monitored and reported. Regular reporting enables management and the leadership team to be assured that the actions they have committed to are actually happening.

        This is not a case of one-size fits all and we will tailor proven monitoring systems and reports to suit your business. Our consistent focus on understanding your business ensures that we build on existing reporting systems in a sensible and easily understandable way.



        • Development of management reports on risk
        • Development of risk reports for the Board and Audit Committee
        • Regular report updates
        • Focus on meaningful measures
        • Linking measures and reports to management performance



        • Provide levers for busy managers to use
        • Diligence serves as a significant defence, for individuals and the organisation
        • Allow managers to ensure that business performance is improving




          Crisis Management Planning

          An emergency is usually a short term, single issue, which is likely to inflict a limited amount of damage on an organisation, for example a fire on a process plant. By contrast, a crisis is often a complex, long-term issue, with the capacity to seriously damage an organisation or even put it out of business.

          The emergency is over once the fire has been extinguished. A crisis on the other hand, may continue well after the emergency is over.

          Greencap will work with you to develop your own Crisis Management Plans. We will provide independent, expert review of these plans to ensure they are effective. We will run desktop exercises with you, and full scale responses, including media intrusions and harassment, to test that the plans will work effectively when called upon.



          • Team based workshops to develop comprehensive Crisis Management Plans
          • Desk top exercises
          • Crisis management training
          • Media training
          • Full scale exercises, with other organisations if required



          • Proper resources provided to those facing an emergency
          • Handling of media enquires and reduction of media related business interruption
          • A coordinated, focused and prepared response to all stakeholders




            Business Continuity Planning

            Business Continuity Planning answers the question "How will we operate tomorrow, if a debilitating event should occur?". A debilitating event could be the loss of an entire office building due to fire or terrorist attack, complete and permanent IT failure or the loss of several key executives.

            Credible but debilitating scenarios have to be thought through, and planned for. Arrangements have to be made where required, and operating in the alternative mode has to be practised.

            At Greencap we make a point of understanding your business, its functions and what makes you successful. It is this understanding that enables us to help you develop the Business Continuity Plans most appropriate to your needs. And we do not stop at plan preparation. In our view the only good plan is one that works, and to ensure that it does, we run practice exercises and training.



            • Development and implementation of customer driven Business Continuity Plans
            • Desk top exercises
            • Training in Business Continuity Plans
            • Full scale practices of the Business Continuity Plans


            • Reduction in down time, customer impact and economic loss.






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