Maritime Asbestos Surveys


Whether it's a new build, refit or standard maintenance, failing to ensure components are asbestos free can be disastrous. Ensuring owners have accurate and reliable asbestos surveys is critical to minimising exposure to human health and financial risk.

Maritime and offshore structures visiting or operating in Australian Territorial Waters must comply with a strict legislative framework. This essentially means all components of the vessel or structure must be certified to be asbestos free.

The complex supply chains of today mean that new builds, refits or ongoing maintenance can take place anywhere in the world. Therefore achieving an asbestos free status or clearance can be difficult unless you partner with an experienced organisation that knows what to look for and where to look for it. Failure to undertake precise and detailed investigations can have enormous ramifications both in terms of human health and financial risk.

When you need clarity and peace of mind around the asbestos status of your maritime structure you need to get Greencap on-board. Greencap have a proven track record of maritime structure inspections in local and international shipyards and waters. Our dedicated team of qualified inspectors have saved global shipping companies millions of dollars in avoiding re- installation of components that should have been asbestos free (as per the declaration) but that were proven to not be compliant.

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Whether the vessel or structure is small or large, under construction, being serviced, maintained or decommissioned it is essential that a specialist marine asbestos survey is carried out to ensure that any asbestos within the vessel is properly identified and contained.


Are you certain about the asbestos free status of gaskets, cables and new components installed overseas when undertaking new work?

Complex supply chains can mean a disconnect can arise between the required and delivered specification of installed components.
Undertaking asbestos surveys in ships requires a different approach to that of buildings. What is needed is a strong understanding of a ships structure, its equipment and componentry, and the supporting supply chain.

Often vessel maintenance is performed overseas and sometimes breaches in supply specifications can slip by un-noticed. This can cause severe financial risk to owners when asbestos containing products are later detected, resulting in costly delays in freight delivery and vessel charter costs.

Regardless of the size or complexity of the project our highly experienced Greencap team can inspect, test and identify asbestos installations in any vessel or maritime structure. Our team are not restricted to land based surveys but can also supply an 'at sea' service, potentially identifying refit work that may be required before sailing in Australian Waters.


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Maritime Asbestos Surveys

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