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What is Cm3?

What is Cm3?

Cm3 is the largest and leading online contractor WHS management system.

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Who is a Cm3 Affiliate?

Who is a Cm3 Affiliate?

Are you in the business of promoting WHS to your Clients? Our Cm3 Affiliate partner program could benefit you – register your interest to refer Clients to Cm3 and earn a commission on successful referrals.

Cm3 Affiliate Partner Program features

Commission paid for new contractors

Volume tiered commission

Monthly payout

No set up costs

Marketing & promotional material

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Cm3 Affiliate benefits

Being a Cm3 Affiliate is easy

Cm3: Client benefits

How it works

Who makes an ideal Cm3 Affiliate?

  • WHSE professionals, advisors & risk consultants
  • Risk assessors & auditors
  • Compliance assessors & auditors
  • Professional industry bodies
  • Procurement and Governance professionals

Cm3: What checks do we perform?

  • Contractor insurance checks
  • Contractor WHS assessment
  • Contractor risk analysis

Cm3: Typical Client profile

  • Engages contractor/sub-contractor workforce (min. 50)
  • Concerned about contractor health & safety
  • Current internal processes insufficient
  • All Industries
  • Looking to improve Governance
  • Experienced past issues/incidents

Referred Clients get

With Cm3, all referred Clients get...

Contractor Insurance checks

Contractor WHS Assessments

Contractor Risk Ratings

Directory of Prequalified Contractors

Portal – Contractor documents online

Customer & Technical Support

The Client's contractors get

WHS Prequalification

Electronic Reminders – SMS & Email

Customer & Technical Support

Visibility to other Clients

Annual WHS Assessment

WHS compliance guidance