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WorkSafe New Zealand Campaign – “Use Your Mouth”

26 April 2018

WorkSafe New Zealand has launched a new campaign focused on promoting the use of an important but often overlooked piece of safety gear - your mouth.

The series of videos, which feature two commentators in various situations, highlights the need for effective communication in the workplace to ensure that safety is considered and managers and workers are conscious of any perceived or potential risks.


"Your workplace must ensure that you have a say on any health and safety matters that could affect you or your workmates, and consider your suggestions on how to improve health and safety at work. Know your rights and obligations."

"All businesses should have planned, well known ways to engage with workers and support their participation in health and safety matters. Things are likely to work better when you have a mix of formal and informal ways for workers to contribute."

Source: WorkSafe New Zealand

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Watch the 'Use Your Mouth' videos below:


Manual Handling






Slips, Trips and Falls


Hazardous Substances






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