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Protecting Your Building's Health During the Shutdown Period

01 December 2020

Water ingress and condensation can become major issues for building owners and managers when left unchecked, particularly in hot weather when the damp, warm conditions create a perfect environment for mould growth.

Once present, mould can quickly spread throughout a structure and is very difficult to eliminate. Remediation often requires the physical removal of building materials and soft furnishings, at significant cost and disruption to building use and operation.


Preparing for the Shutdown Period

Ahead of the end of year holiday period, it is particularly important to ensure you have a robust shutdown plan for your building in relation to water ingress and mould.

Use Greencap's building Facility Manager Building Shutdown Checklist to assist in planning for the shutdown period, both from a water ingress perspective and to address wider building compliance issues.


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12-1pm AEDT, 10 February 2021

Join Greencap in the new year for a webinar on Proactive and Pre-emptive Mould Management. In this webinar, two of Greencap's highly qualified mould specialists, Dr Michael Taylor and Cedric Cheong will use case studies to explore mould impacts in buildings and the practical approaches available to managing water ingress risks.

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