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Greencap Update on Coronavirus COVID-19

16 March 2020

Over the past few weeks Greencap (including TrimEVAC) has been working closely with our teams to put in place the relevant contingency plans to minimise the growing impact of COVID-19.


18 March Update

In line with our purpose of ‘Making Our World Safer’ and in response to the COVID-19 situation, team members will be working from home, where practical, starting Thursday, 19 March 2020.

We have 3 classifications of employees, those that:

  • have duties that can only be undertaken in the office - Critical Office Role (COR)
  • have duties where they need to access the office for the Laboratory, consumables, PPE, equipment, etc. and then can discharge their work duties in the field or at home– Occasional Access Role (OAR)
  • have duties that can be fully undertaken away from the office –  No Access Required Role (NAR)

All No Access Required Roles (NAR) will work from home, all Occasional Access Roles (OAR) will only access the office when required in communication with their manager (otherwise work in field/site per usual or home if no field/site work) and all Critical Office Roles will continue working from the office.

Clients can continue to contact all consultants as usual via email or mobile phone.


We are pleased to report that there have been no confirmed cases of COVID-19 amongst Greencap or TrimEVAC employees.

Greencap has formally established an internal working group to coordinate all planning in relation to COVID-19 including implementing safeguards that meet official Australian Government COVID-19 guidelines as well as additional steps to minimise the potential impact. Their key priority is to ensure the safety of our people and the continuity of safe services to our clients.

As part of this planning process we are examining all options to leverage our extensive national network to ensure limited disruption to service provision and supply-chain for equipment and PPE. 


Greencap is taking several steps to ensure we are in the best possible position to maintain business continuity: 

  • Coordinating all COVID-19 planning through a centralised working group
  • Development of a Coronavirus (COVID-19) Action Plan which applies to all team members, contractors and sub-contractors
  • Ensuring where possible our teams are set up for the potential of working remotely
  • Reinforcing to our teams the need for basic hygiene practices such as hand washing, the use of sanitiser and daily cleaning of workstations.
  • Communication with our clients to assess potential risks in the client’s project environments
  • Frequent communication with our suppliers to assess potential risks to required PPE and equipment
  • Placing forward orders on stock where possible
  • Leveraging our extensive national service structure 


We continue to monitor health department reports and take guidance from authorities through this period, and there may be times that we are required to suspend or reschedule planned work due a COVID- 19 risk. We will communicate with you when work may be impacted and seek your consideration in relation to any delay that may result in rescheduling work for safety reasons.


Tips to Minimise Your Risk:

  • Review the Greencap Coronavirus (COVID-19) action plan
  • Consider implementing your own Coronavirus action plan
  • Help raise awareness of the benefits of good personal hygiene
  • Provide appropriate employee resources to ensure good hygiene practices
  • Support a “Stay at Home” and “Seek Medical Advice” policy for employees that are unwell or display flu like symptoms
  • Be aware of employee international travel and implement plans for the 14-day quarantine period required by the Australian Government
  • Be aware of Australian Government Health Department Alerts and Media releases
  • Please postpone or cancel any meetings with Greencap if your staff are unwell


Greencap will keep you updated on material changes and potential impacts to your business when necessary. If you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to contact your Greencap Consultant or Practice Manager.

We appreciate your support and partnership through this period.