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Greencap Hosts Ante Covic for Work Experience as Part of the 'Athlete Transition Program'

Greencap Hosts Ante Covic for Work Experience as Part of the 'Athlete Transition Program'

04 March 2019

Former Australian football goalkeeper, Ante Covic, commenced work experience at Greencap in NSW at the start of February 2019 as part of the ‘Athlete Transition Program’. 

After a football career that spanned almost two decades and representing Australia at the 2006 FIFA World Cup in Germany, Ante faces a challenge common to many retired athletes; entry into the traditional workforce. 

The ‘Athlete Transition Program’ is designed to support retired athletes with this process and assist them in finding a new career. Statistics show that retired athletes tend to struggle with this transition after spending most of their adult lives focussed on a single goal that required rigorous training regimes to achieve success at a high level of competition.

Despite their inexperience in a corporate environment, athletes bring with them inherent skills that, when translated into a foreign workplace, can mutually benefit both the business and individual. Some of these include self-discipline, resilience, time management, goal setting and team building skills. 
Greencap agrees that retired athletes, and the attributes they offer, can provide great value to a business, and were excited to take part in this Wesfarmers Industrials initiated program. 

Keen to embrace a new challenge, Ante commenced work experience at Greencap wanting to gain an understanding of the corporate world, curious to discover what similarities and differences existed in comparison to professional sport. 

With his immersion into the daily work life, Ante was exposed to a variety of operations and processes that would provide him with a holistic understanding of the dynamics of workplace culture, client engagement, business development and the function of support services. An example of this includes his induction into Greencap’s laboratory, dressed in a white coat and worlds away from his former uniform, he was given an overview of a typical asbestos fibre air monitoring sample preparation procedure and was then able to perform this himself. Ante was also given a taste of Greencap’s Emergency Training and Management company TrimEVAC as well as in Greencap’s Expert Services across Health and Safety, Environment and Property risk practices. 

It was through this work placement that Ante realised the corporate world was not out of his depth at all. He was surprised to discover the many parallels between corporate business and sport, and that there were many transferrable skills and attributes acquired during his sporting career that were a highly relevant offering to reach success in the traditional workplace. 

“The workplace is a team environment. Everyone plays a role in the success or failure in both the workplace and sport. In sport you have to know your opposition, you have to be informed. In the workplace you have to know your client and environment too.” 

After attending various seminars and business forums in the past, Ante discovered that there was no real substitute for the practical skills that can be gained by workplace immersion. 

This is a testament to the value that the ‘Athlete Transition Program’ can provide for retired athletes in their mission to support and ignite future possibility after the end of professional sporting careers.  


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