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COVID-19 Update - Greencap Service Availability

24 March 2020

Whilst many things are changing rapidly in this current environment, we would like to remind you that Greencap is here to support our clients and the communities in which we live and operate during this period.

Making our world safer is the Greencap purpose and it could not be more relevant in these times. Greencap has a wealth of experience in managing risks and are able to deploy our expertise to assist clients both in delivering essential services in this new environment and maintaining essential regulatory compliance in the workplace, whether that workplace be in the office or at home.

With an experienced team of Occupational Hygienists, microbiologists, infection control professionals and risk management specialists, Greencap is proactively able to respond to clients' needs in developing procedures for managing the human health impacts of COVID-19.

Greencap is conducting business as usual, under the parameters of the Greencap's COVID-19 Action Plan. All NATA-Accredited laboratories, Expert Services, TrimEVAC - Emergency Management Services and Cm3 are fully operational.

Many of our consultants are working from home and are available to assist you with your on-site issues (within government guidelines). Our TrimEVAC trainers are offering site-based or LIVE Interactive video-based instructor-led warden and general occupant training.  All other employees who do not need to be in the office are well set up and supported to work from home.

We are open for business and can support you with your Health and Safety and compliance requirements. Please speak to your regular consultant for assistance or your local office.

Stay safe during this challenging and unprecedented time.


Dean Comrie

General Manager


Services to Manage COVID-19 Risks

To assist you, Greencap has prepared a guide detailing a range of services that manage your risks related to COVID-19, as well as services that shutdown periods have created the opportunity to undertake.

Services to Manage COVID-19 Risks

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