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Safe Work Australia Releases Guide on Storage of Flammable Liquids

05 August 2020

The storage of flammable liquids can present numerous risks, and it is the responsibility of employers to protect their workers and others in the workplace by managing the risks associated with those liquids. Common examples of flammable liquids include fuels, alcohols, solvents, thinners, paints and resins. These must be stored in the lowest practicable quantity at each workplace.

To assist small to medium sized businesses who use and store flammable liquids in their workplace, Safe Work Australia has published a new guide ‘Storage of Flammable Liquids – Guidance Material’. This new resource outlines the risks posed by flammable liquids and provides guidance around the process for the identification, assessment, and management of those risks.

A topical case study from Safe Work Australia illustrates what should be considered in the storing and rebottling of larger quantities of hand sanitiser, including keeping a copy of its safety data sheet, labelling requirements, storage location and appropriate quantities to have on-hand at any given time.
The guide can be downloaded from the Safe Work Australia website.

The hand sanitiser case study can be found here.

For further assistance understanding your risks and obligations with regards to Dangerous Goods and Hazardous Chemicals, contact Greencap.



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