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A New Approach to Contractor WHS Prequalification - Cm3 Risk Reviews

12 May 2020

Cm3 has been assisting Greencap’s clients with their contractor safety prequalification since 2008, reviewing safety systems and verifying insurances for over 15,000 contractors each year.

Work Health and Safety legislation has evolved over this time, as have the compliance requirements of the organisations utilising Cm3, and so the platform is continually updated to provide solutions.

On the 2nd of May, Cm3 launched a major update to its systems, in the form of a new prequalification process - Cm3 Risk Reviews.


Cm3 Risk Reviews

In the past, Cm3 has ‘categorised’ its contractors using risk and exposure. This category was then used to allocate a system-based review of their safety processes. Although a few key risks had more detailed questions, the majority were assessed by Cm3’s experienced safety assessors as part of each contractor’s overall safety system.

However, in consultation with clients, it has been expressed that there has been a shift towards them primarily wanting assurance that contractors are controlling risk on work sites, and the Cm3 assessment process has been updated to do exactly that.

This new way of assessing focuses on legislative requirements for every risk a contractor is working with, identified through completion of a Business Risk Profile.

Cm3 Risk Reviews Contractor Prequalification Process

Collating, reviewing and approving documentation from contractors for each risk is now giving clients the sought-after visibility of their contractors’ risk capabilities, enabling them to engage with contractors on this basis.


Key Benefits

Some of the new benefits Cm3 Risk Reviews are bringing to contractor management and compliance include:

  • Prequalification of contractors against their Business Risk Profile rather than ‘Category’
  • Presentation of prequalified risks on the contractors Cm3 Certificate
  • Ability for contractors to add a new risk during their registration period and have it reviewed immediately by Cm3 assessors
  • Visibility of new risks added to the contractors Business Risk Profile and progress of the Cm3 Risk Review
  • Ability for clients to use Cm3 to request contractors include specific risks in their Business Risk Profile, as required for projects or contracts
  • Better demonstration of compliance performance and risk management across a contractor base


Supporting Clients and Contractors

Cm3 Risk Reviews will be phased in over the next twelve months as contractors renew their Cm3 registration or new contractors sign up. In addition to the Risk Reviews, some great new tools and features have been introduced.


Live Chat

Cm3 Live Chat Support

Clients and contractors can now use Live Chat, a more direct and immediate way to interact with our friendly Support Team at any time during business hours.


Online Support Library

Cm3 Online Support Library

This new feature provides online help 24/7 where clients and contractors need it most, providing a wealth of information at the click of a button or with the assistance of a helpful chat bot.



This marks the first of many major releases for Cm3, and the team looks forward to regularly sharing progress on this exciting journey.

If you are interested in learning more about Cm3 or the recently released Cm3 Risk Review process contact support staff on LiveChat or via email [email protected]