Greencap people are the best professionals in the business. We believe in safety, teamwork, accountability, respect and service.

We never ignore a safety problem and we always act in the best interests of the organisation and our clients.

We do what we say we will do. We always measure results with facts, and we don’t make excuses.


Our Values

Greencap team members embrace and uphold the Wesfarmers' STARS values.

Safety: Together we ensure a safe working environment for all; we never ignore a safety problem.

Teamwork: We believe in teamwork, we act in the best interests of the whole organisation, we help each other; we seek and value ideas from everyone.

Accountability: We do what we say; we measure our results with facts and we won't make excuses.

Respect: We display respect for each other, for the communities in which we operate; we obey the law.

Service: We provide, measure and recognise excellent service. We encourage feedback from our customers and suppliers.